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An eye on aid

Published 05/12/2012 | 05:00

• I salute the empathy that GC O'Brien shows (Letters, December 3).

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As a bankrupt State under extreme fiscal pressure our taxpayers demand that every cent donated to overseas charity goes to help the poorest of the poor and is fully accounted for.

The recent news of corruption in Uganda, where Irish aid was sent, is confirmation of the regular strong warnings made by John O'Shea, founder and former CEO of GOAL.

How much Irish money is involved here?

An enormous sum.

Just last year it was €636m, making Ireland in per capita terms among the top eight donors in the world. Very nice if we didn't have to borrow it overseas to be that generous. So who is watching after the poor taxpayer's interest here?

We need, as CG O'Brien says, an Ombudsman to protect us from thieves.

Mr O'Shea's style is unique. He has always had a policy and practice of calling things as they are, rather than what some people would wish them to be.

Mr O'Shea has always been robust and challenging.

We the taxpayers should have an Ombudsman for monitoring the spending of Irish foreign aid. If he has the time Mr O'Shea should be asked if he would do it.

Mike W Parle

Irish Independent

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