Thursday 27 July 2017

Actions do make a big difference

Sir -- Everyone knows how true the expression 'what a difference a day makes' is. 'What a difference an action makes' is equally valid, following on from Justin Kelly's letter (Sunday Independent, Dec 4, 2011) titled 'motorist abused wheelchair user' -- by blowing her horn repeatedly as he struggled to cross the street. In his letter, he explained how this had a ripple effect of disgust among the people who witnessed it.

Last week, we suffered the trauma of our beloved pet dog being killed on the road. What a difference a day makes! I work in retail and, next morning, as I was serving a young teenager, she had the courtesy to ask how I was. I explained that I'd often felt better because of the events of the day before.

A few minutes later, another teenage girl came in and handed me a package that she was asked to give me. Inside was a lovely card with the kindest expression of sympathy and support. Also enclosed was a large bar of chocolate. Such a kind thought and generous action for her to go and buy a card and chocolate and have them dropped in to me.

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