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A celebration

Published 24/12/2012 | 05:00

• Would it not be nice just once to have an even-handed, rational discussion on God's (and Christ's) existence? Especially when celebrating Christ's birth at Christmas?

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As a 'final series' Christian – spasmodic church attendance on Christmas Day and Good Friday – I'm somewhat agnostic as to the existence of God. However, I am a believer in science and in Christ's work and the teaching of God's word.

I am probably as mixed up as atheists not believing in God's creation of the Universe but at a loss as to how the Big Bang occurred.

Yes, much to the delight of Jesus's detractors, much evil has been done in Christ's name, though never carried out nor condoned by Christ himself.

Jesus's life on Earth was one of love, healing and forgiveness. Recently I saw on the back of a bus: "Atheism: celebrate reason." To which my response is simply: "Atheism: no reason to celebrate."

Howard Hutchins
Wonga Park, Australia

Irish Independent

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