Thursday 27 July 2017

Katie Byrne... the festival and the Nudey Man

Why do we reach for the camera instead of helping the inebriated?

Irish Independent features writer Katie Byrne
Irish Independent features writer Katie Byrne
Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne

I'm just back from the Burning Man festival and all I'm capable of doing is a lip-smacking raspberry sound or a boy-oh-boy whistle when people ask me how it was.

I experienced the full potential of humanity at the hippie festival of art in the Nevada desert. I realised that one's jaw does actually drop when they are awestruck. Ultimately, however, I learnt that the apotheosis defies description. Just go - that's all I have for you.

Burning Man veterans told me to expect magical things to happen on the playa. Sure enough, we were sprinkled with synchronicities, epiphanies and serendipities.

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