Monday 25 September 2017

Samantha McCaughren

From the mini Eiffel Tower at the Paris Las Vegas to the pyramid-shaped Luxor to the dancing fountains of the Bellagio, nothing in Vegas is done in half measures

Thrills for all in Las Vegas 

Plans for a trip to Las Vegas seem to elicit two types of response. People either turn their noses up and say the city, known for gambling and neon, is of no interest to them. Too flash and too tacky. Alternatively, their eyes widen at the thoughts of the hedonistic city where anything goes - once you have the money, that is. Indeed, one woman I know shrieked at the mention of a holiday in sin city, which has played a starring role in dozens of movies, ranging from The Hangover to Martin Scorsese's Casino.

Tommy Kelly of eShopworld Picture: David Conachy

International shoppers clock up sales for eShopWorld 

For many Irish businesses, the prospect of Brexit is a source of fear and uncertainty, but for Tommy Kelly the UK's departure from the EU presents a new opportunity. His company, the Dublin-based eShopWorld, is all about making it easy for retailers to sell across borders. "Brexit creates another market for us so the UK just pops up as another region," he says. "It is clearly going to have challenges for different aspects of business but for us it creates opportunity and the UK is a significant e-commerce market, so we're watching it closely."