Thursday 21 September 2017

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The secret meeting that led to the first revelations about Templemore 

The meeting was arranged through WhatsApp - a mobile phone encryption messaging service which has become popular in recent years. The meetings were always arranged through WhatsApp. It was safer to use the messaging app and it reduced the possibility of calls or texts being infiltrated by those who would prefer the meeting wasn't taking place. As far as I was concerned, there was no specific reason for the meeting but the source was not someone you turned down an opportunity to meet.

Team Taoiseach: Leo Varadkar in jovial spirits as he unveils his new Junior Cabinet outside Government Buildings last week. The new leader has come under criticism from some quarters over its gender and geographical balance. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Leo does early battle with scorned women and men bent on revenge 

The Taoiseach was never going to keep everyone happy. There were a couple of TDs with their noses out of joint after Leo Varadkar announced his conservative Cabinet reshuffle - but most kept their powder dry in anticipation of last week's appointment of ministers of State. On Tuesday afternoon, as Varadkar announced his junior minister reshuffle, he was surrounded by a smattering of scowling, disappointed faces. TDs try to temper their expectations ahead of the announcement but deep down each one them believes they have the ability to run a government department or at least take...