Friday 28 July 2017

Ed Power

Talking about a new generation: Lady Gaga headlined the Saturday night at the festival

Coachella gives kids the pop-fest they want - do young people have any interest in rock 'n' roll anymore? 

Coachella is the Paris Hilton of rock festivals: glitzy, Californian, not quite as talked about as it used to be. But the event surged back to prominence last weekend thanks to a double infusion of pop royalty. Lady Gaga debuted a new song, 'The Cure', which immediately began trending worldwide on Twitter, while mysterious teenager Lorde sealed her comeback with an eye-popping performance...

Among the celebrities to die this year were Prince Picture: Reuters

Comment: If you spent 2016 grieving over dead celebrities, you'd better get used to it - here's how it could be the new normal 

The outpouring of grief following the death of George Michael on Christmas Day was extraordinary. On December 25, many of us went from cursing the ever-presence of Wham! on Christmas playlists to mourning a genius taken before his time. One moment Michael was the cheesy chap flinging snowballs in the 'Last Christmas' video. The next he was an icon snatched from us at a tragically...