Sunday 20 August 2017

Housing Minister Simon Coveney has some radical ideas about social housing

Television review: Coveney lights the class fuse 

There was a man from Cork on TV3s Agenda programme with David McWilliams last Sunday who had clearly formulated a view of society based on the issue of class. His political vision as he outlined it to McWilliams was saturated in this belief that we could transform our society in all sorts of good ways, if we could release ourselves from this ancient class system to which we adhere - a class system which is all the more inhibiting, because it is hardly even acknowledged.

England manager Roy Hodgson faces the press after being knocked out of the 2016 European Championships by Iceland. Photo: Mike Egerton/PA

Football's greatest comedy inevitably turns to farce 

With England disgracing themselves again, we have been reading many critiques of the management of Roy Hodgson. Which have been most enjoyable, except that some of us were in there before they disgraced themselves, which is even better, conferring as it does a certain moral standing - the Greeks had a way of putting this, Plato in particular with eerie prescience writing that "any eejit can tell you the manager is no good after losing to Iceland".

Republic of Ireland players prior to the Group E match against Italy. Photo: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Declan Lynch: If you can't stand the heat, get into the kitchen 

For the last five minutes of the match on Wednesday, I was washing the dishes. In a montage of Irish people at that time, and how they were getting through the experience, you would have the usual images of deranged poor devils staring at big screens in bars, weeping with fear and perhaps even praying to their God, and then you'd have this unnaturally quiet scene of me washing the dishes - my daughter would be in it too, drying the dishes, and as she is not a football person, she would be oblivious to the great events that were happening in another part of the house, on the television.