Monday 24 July 2017

Canon 6D

Camera firms face grim future if they don't heed the iPhone 

Camera sales have collapsed over the last five years. It's no surprise why. Our phones all now have decent lenses that can instantly share images with the world. Indeed, 98pc of all cameras sold today are those on phones. Does this mean camera companies should give up the ghost? Millions hope they won't: many still want dedicated devices that can take extraordinary images outside the capabilities of handsets. But Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and the rest aren't helping themselves. They appear to be more interested in serving evermore specialised niches rather than appealing to ordinary non-experts.

In a black period for Samsung vice-chairman Jay Y Lee was embroiled in a corruption scandal. Photo: Bloomberg

Apple v Samsung: how tech giants match up in global battle for billions 

If technology is supposed to experience disruption every five years, it is currently behind schedule. Financial results from Apple and Samsung in the last week show that the world's top two tech companies are strengthening their hold on their respective markets. While Apple saw sluggish iPhone 7 sales ahead of its iPhone 8 model, the company now holds $250bn (€228bn) in a cash pile, the largest in modern corporate history.