Thursday 26 May 2016

Why Boris is so out of touch

Published 11/02/2012 | 10:40

Boris Johnson's description of the annual St Patrick's Day dinner as "£20,000 on a dinner at the Dorchester for Sinn Fein" shows just how out of touch the London mayor has become after less than four years in office.

For those who wonder why it is David Cameron rather than his Oxford contemporary and fellow Bullingdon Club member Mr Johnson who is now prime minister, the remarks made by the mayor in the latest edition of the 'New Statesman' magazine provide the answer.

One of the key ingredients for success in politics is having a filter between one's brain and one's mouth. This is a quality which Mr Johnson lacks. With Mr Johnson's predecessor Ken Livingstone having published his autobiography, always a sign of a politician loitering with electoral intent, what are the odds that the London Irish community will exact their revenge on Mr Johnson in next May's mayoral election?

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