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Tiger kidnapping is a most despicable crime

Published 04/12/2015 | 02:30

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Fear, it has been claimed, is only as deep as the mind allows, but it is hard to imagine a colder terror than that invoked by the knowledge that your failure to cooperate with the demands of a captor will result in a serious risk to the life of a loved one.

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That is why so-called Tiger kidnappings are so traumatic and rank amongst the most despicable forms of crime.

It is well and good for security experts to set down protocols which must be followed by gardaí.

But what planning is foolproof against the certain knowledge that anything less than total cooperation with the desperate demands of an armed and desperate gang will end in injury or death to someone you love?

Events in Dublin Airport will have sent a chill down the spine of all tasked with transporting cash.

A family has been held hostage as part of a kidnapping in Dublin in which a masked, armed gang stole a significant sum of money from a cash-in-transit van.

There will be investigations and hopefully there will be prosecutions.

It is estimated that more than €200,000 was stolen but it is quite impossible to put any estimate on the anguish and suffering this ordeal cost the victims.

Having violated the sanctuary of a family home, the gang then made sure that everything in its power would be used to maximise the terror to coerce everyone involved to cooperate fully. The man was threatened that his partner and child would be harmed if he deviated from their wishes.

A number of separate vehicles were involved, which would suggest that several people planned and executed this cowardly and shameful kidnapping.

Anyone who knows anything about it should come forward and assist the gardaí.

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