Monday 23 October 2017

'There are ladies' nights. I don't particularly enjoy them and I don't think the women do either. If you asked them what they thought about Freemasonry, the answer would be that they find it hilarious'Assistant to the Grand Secretary, Irish Freemasons


Tanya Sweeney

A freemason is a man of honour, living in good repute amongst his neighbours. Strabane during the Troubles was a town under siege. I needed some repair work done and the builders recommended to me were Freemasons. It stuck with me that, even in this staunchly nationalist town, the Freemasons were respected.

When I applied to join, they didn't know me from Adam. It was about a year before my application was considered. One mason who worked around the corner would drop in regularly and say hello. He said there was a backlog of applications to sort through. Of course, I realise now I was being evaluated.

Freemasons are ordinary men working ordinary jobs. We don't have any high opinion of ourselves.

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