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"Both he and we expressed regret for what happened from 1968 onwards."

Published 24/05/2015 | 02:30

"Both he and we expressed regret for what happened from 1968 onwards."

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Gerry Adams after shaking hands with Prince Charles.

"That's the sign of a guilty conscience."

Lord Tebbit, former Conservative cabinet minister and former IRA bombing target, on Gerry Adams's statement.

"Prince Charles has always denied he's a member of the IRA."

Washington Post report on the meeting between Prince Charles and Gerry Adams.

"I believe, as cheesy as it sounds, in exercise, ­laughing, having sex, and I feel way more comfortable in a bathing suit now than I did 20 years ago."

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress.

"There is a thing of not over-privileging your ­children if you are very, very rich because how are they going to learn…to stick up for themselves?"

Lenny Henry, comedian.

"Now Mrs Molloy, you had your say and you're very good at that. Now I'll have mine."

Roisin Molloy, whose baby, Mark, died 22 minutes after being born in Portlaoise Hospital, on what a senior member of the HSE said to her.

"Their boards and management need to recognise that charging spreads that excessively exploit the current weak competitive environment risks being counterproductive if they bring down upon themselves Government policy reactions."

Patrick Honohan, Central Bank governor, warning the banks.

"Gentle persuasion has failed as a policy tool. It is time for us to arm the Central Bank with the powers necessary to force banks to reduce their variable interest rates on mortgages to a reasonable level."

Senator Feargal Quinn.

"We have fought hard against the scourge of social dumping. Therefore we require all of those who deliver services... including those who would sell us plane tickets, to offer their employees proper salaries and working conditions. Thus we already have a ban on flying Ryanair. Our rules mean that we cannot enter contracts or buy goods from suppliers that do not pay proper salaries."

Frank Jensen, Mayor of ­Copenhagen.

"I don't mind grey hair. I don't mind bald or balding. I don't even mind a bit of a paunch."

Kylie Minogue on looking for love.

"I had this problem, worrying about looking old, when I was 33 and thank God I got over it and it never came back. And, in any case, if we work, who cares? If you don't work, you think about the problem of your wrinkles from morning until night. If you work, you have something better to think about. That is the beginning of every possible kind of pride and with those women [who don't work], I really have no conversation."

Miuccia Prada (66), fashion designer.

"Our faith is very important to us; it determines how we live, how we bring up our children, how we run our business, how we meet and how we engage with other people in society, so yes, we can't leave it out ­whenever we go to work in the ­morning... God has given us the strength to deal with this, he will continue to give us strength."

Daniel McArthur, manager of the Belfast bakery which was successfully sued for refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake.

"It's not a house where I have very good memories. I saw very little of my grandfather there… I understand that he may have been captivated by painting and nothing else was more important to him. Except, when you're a child, you don't experience it like that."

Marina Picasso, on selling her famous grandfather's Cannes villa.

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