Monday 24 July 2017

Why I believe Fianna Fáil deserves credit for its role in forming a Government

Cartoonist: Scratch
Cartoonist: Scratch

Brian Hayes

After the longest gestation period in Irish political history, we finally have a Government. While many criticised the delays, one thing is absolutely clear - Irish politics remains the art of the possible.

Who would have predicted it? A Government elected with 59 votes out of 158. A Government facilitated by the leading opposition party, a party that actually doubled its seat tally in the recent election. And a Government where Independents make up a significant presence and hold key ministries. All in all, this is quite an achievement given the real prospect of another election that could have resulted in a plague on all your houses from the electorate's viewpoint.

Enda Kenny deserves his place in history. He is now the longest-serving and most successful Fine Gael leader since WT Cosgrave. History will also be kind to Eamon Gilmore and Joan Burton, and especially Brendan Howlin - the unsung hero of the last administration.

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