Friday 28 April 2017

Why doesn't Sabina Higgins respect the right to life of my nine-year-old daughter?

Sabina Higgins (Picture: Fennell Photography)
Sabina Higgins (Picture: Fennell Photography)

Tracy Harkin

I was returning home from the morning school run when I first saw the headline. There it was in the newsstand in great bold letters in my local garage.

So I read that Sabina Higgins, the wife of President Michael D Higgins, had told midwives in Trinity College the fact that a woman could be made to carry a pregnancy to term in a case of "fatal foetal abnormality" was an "outrage".

I thought of my nine-year-old daughter, Kathleen Rose, whom I had hugged and kissed that morning as she set off for another school day. I thought of how beautiful she looked as she giggled and waved excitedly at her little brother and sister through the bus window.

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