Wednesday 23 August 2017

Why Birr is the final frontier for our budding scientists

Picture posed
Picture posed

Lady Alicia Clements

It's probably not surprising that I am so excited about the launch of the New Science Galleries in Birr. My nickname as a child was Little Miss Don't Touch because I had such a curious mind and always wanted to touch things or take them apart to see how and why they worked.

The Science Centre Galleries at Birr Castle Gardens are ideal for children who like to explore and figure out how things work. Birr is the historical heart of science in Ireland, the result of generations of one family with a passion for science and engineering, who have lived at the Castle since 1620.

Before our family returned to Birr, my father, Lord Rosse, was a senior official of the United Nations Development Programme, we moved around the world to accommodate his various postings. I was educated on three different continents and in three different languages.

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