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We've had enough, but of what?

Brendan O'Connor

Published 12/07/2015 | 02:30

There is growing unrest among the Irish public over a perfect storm of current news stories. The fallout from the Nama 'Project Eagle' story, the Greek crisis, and the Banking Inquiry have combined to drive so called 'ordinary people' over the edge, according to documents seen by the Sunday Independent.

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"People can't understand the news any more", is the shock conclusion of a top-secret, high-level report.

The report goes on the quote members of the public who say they are so baffled about various high-profile news stories that they are now thinking of giving up on the news altogether.

"What the Jesus is going on in that Nama story?" asked one man.

"I get that there is something bad about it, but I just can't get my head around it. It's too involved, and I feel the powers that be need to make this story simpler, so I know who I should be angry with and whose head I should call for.

"Also, I think it was a mistake for them to include Northern Ireland in this story; that muddies the waters. That means Tommie Gorman is in there too. When I see Tommie Gorman I think of the peace process. Is this anything to do with the peace process? Is the peace process over or what?

"I didn't even know the North were in Nama. Is Nama like the rugby?"

Another one expressed frustration: "Are we angry because they sold the stuff for a quarter of its original value? Or are we angry because someone was allegedly on the take? Who should I vent my spleen at? This lack of clarity is not acceptable."

Similar concerns were expressed over the Greek crisis. "They need to make this easier to digest," said one confused man. "I thought the Greeks stood up to Europe and austerity. But now they seem to have offered more austerity than Europe asked for.

"I need to know who the winners and losers are before I can invest in a news story. This one isn't black and white enough for me.

"It's also going on far too long. I think a week or two of going to and coming back from the brink is sufficient. I've moved on from this story - and I believe the media and the Greeks need to do the same."

Other members of the public are getting increasingly angry about revelations at the Banking Inquiry. "We were promised a good old crucifixion here," said one man, "something we could get our teeth into, but now it turns out that maybe Brian Cowen and Charlie McCreevy aren't evil.

"I want to hate these men and blame them for all my problems, but it's hard when you see them there talking. Hopefully Bertie will make it easier next week."

The report will go before Cabinet soon when it is expected the Government will announce measures to make the news easier to digest, including colour coding for whether it falls under incompetence or corruption, and clarity as to who we are angry at and why, at any particular time.

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