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Published 06/09/2015 | 02:30

Pope Francis
Pope Francis

"I think in particular of all the women who have resorted to abortion. I am well aware of the pressure that has led them to this decision.

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 I know that it is an existential and moral ordeal. I have met so many women who bear in their heart, the scar of this agonising and painful decision. What has happened is just profoundly unjust: yet only understanding the truth of it can enable one not to lose hope. The forgiveness of God cannot be denied to one who has repented."

- Pope Francis indicating he will remove abortion from the list of "reserved" sins incurring automatic excommunication, for one year.

"Nobody believes the IRA has disbanded and gone away."

- Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

"If I'm walking around in my underwear and I'm drunk, who else's fault is it? If I'm being very lairy and putting it about, then you are enticing someone who's already unhinged - don't do that. Come on! That's just common sense. If you're wearing something that says 'Come and f*** me', you'd better be good on your feet… I don't think I'm saying anything controversial, am I?"

- Chrissie Hynde, singer, revealing she had been forced to perform sexual acts under threat of violence after she agreed to go with an American bike gang when she was 21.

"Obviously, her saying it was her responsibility was not unlike what a lot of victims say when something so horrendous like rape or sexual assault happens. It's really sad that someone of her stature is still in that place where she is blaming herself. Her comments are not helpful for women in this position of having been victims themselves, as it might be a further block to them coming forward. It's never the victim's responsibility, no matter what the person wears."

- Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop, Dublin Rape Crisis Centre.

"In my early twenties, parts would be written for women in their fifties and I would get them. Now I'm like, 'why did that 24-year-old get that part?' I can't complain about it because I benefitted."

- Anne Hathaway, actress.

"It's a bad time for music in general. There's not a lot of pop music in the mainstream that makes you feel scared, that makes you wonder what's happening. I'm not interested in what happened yesterday. There might be music that sounds like me, but what good is that? You're essentially in the feedback loop."

- Prince, singer.

"I don't think former bookies should be involved in journalism, or should I say, failed bookies."

- Vincent Browne on Ivan Yates.

"This is getting serious. The problems we are facing as a nation are getting more stark each year and the shelves of our political leaders are stacked with dusty reports telling them just that. We either pay to solve this issue now or our health service will end up picking up a much larger bill down the line… all we get are special one-off events to raise awareness and then everyone goes home and forgets about it."

- Patsy McGonagle, manager of Ireland's international athletics team, on obesity.

"You don't end up Late Late Show host without being a bit competitive, and by the same token you don't end up on the Saturday Night Show without being competitive and ambitious."

- Ryan Tubridy, Late Late Show host.

"There's a great many of these geezers who don't actually do anything at all. They take the money and they don't do much. And it seems to me we should make them an offer they can't refuse. If they don't turn up, if they're not really interested, they're just interested in the glory of being a member of the House of Lords, stuff that, that's absolutely absurd."

- Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

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