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Published 16/08/2015 | 02:30

Parnell Summer School Academic Director, Felix Larkin
Parnell Summer School Academic Director, Felix Larkin

"Historians study the past: we ask what actually happened, how it happened, why it happened, and why it had the effect that it had. We don't celebrate past events - shamelessly or otherwise. We are neutral observers and we are uneasy or at least we should be uneasy when faced with State-sponsored jamborees relating to historical anniversaries."

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- Felix Larkin, director, Parnell Summer School.


"There is nothing noble about excruciating pain and I think we need… to give people the right to decide their own fate. It is a profoundly Christian and moral thing to devise a law that enables people, if they so choose, to end their lives with dignity."

- Lord Carey, former archbishop of Canterbury.


"The party is walking eyes shut, arms outstretched over the cliff's edge to the jagged rocks below."

- Tony Blair, former British PM, on the likelihood of Jeremy Corbyn being elected the next British Labour party leader.


"People in this industry think, I just gotta keep getting more money, and I'm like: 'What are you getting more money for? You couldn't even spend it all in this lifetime.' People get more famous so that they can make their brand more famous, so that they can sell more shit, so that they can make more money... those things might stimulate you, but they don't make you happy."

- Miley Cyrus, singer.


"The war on drugs has been lost. The current approach is simply not working. In some areas... you can have your drug of choice delivered to you quicker than a pizza."

- Fr Peter McVerry, veteran campaigning priest.


"If you're caught using drugs you've probably got enough problems in your life. You don't need a criminal record."

- Paul Birch, founder of Bebo.


"I met one of the most talented musicians I've ever met in my life last night, and he's working in a guitar shop... and it pissed me off."

- Bono on the difficulty of making money in the music industry because of piracy and free streaming.


"I think there is something fundamentally disturbing about parents feeling they have to get their child baptised to get into a school if they don't believe in what baptism is about."

- Jan O'Sullivan, Minister for Education.


"With the introduction of divorce in Ireland, the heavens have not fallen... Irish husbands, by and large, have not deserted their wives to take off with painted floozies."

- Catherine McGuinness, former Supreme Court judge.


"Our (European) nations must hold on to our core values, which informed and continue to inform most of the progressive nations and people in the world. Freedom, both political and media freedom, are at the core of this. We must never take them for granted and we must challenge all forces and actions which could tend to weaken... freedom is a constant commitment."

- Jean-Pierre Thebault, French ambassador to Ireland.


"It would be very arrogant and presumptuous of any public representative to assume that they can be elected to anything, myself included, until the people vote. I have no intention of staying beyond the remit of the next government."

- Enda Kenny, An Taoiseach.


"I respect Dail privilege as long as it is not exploited in a manner designed to damage the reputation of an individual, particularly one who is not before the House and entitled to Dail privilege."

- Denis O'Brien, businessman who is suing the Oireachtas Committee of Procedure and Privileges for its handling of a complaint he made.

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