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Paul Williams: Slab furore gives us a chilling glimpse into Sinn Féin strategy

Paul Williams

Published 22/12/2015 | 02:30

Thomas Murphy. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire
Thomas Murphy. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

The conviction of Thomas 'Slab' Murphy has inadvertently given us a glimpse of the chilling prospects of what awaits us if Sinn Féin get into power.

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Gerry Adams was insouciant to the potential fall-out when he rushed to defend his old comrade, an IRA godfather and the capo dei capi (boss of all bosses) of one of the biggest organised crime syndicates in the world.

Or perhaps as leader of an organisation where he is the de facto fuhrer, and no one dares question his authority, Adams is so used to being a blatant hypocrite that he no longer notices or even cares.

Murphy - the man who was allowed to thrive as a top Provo/gangster in South Armagh for 40 years - was finally brought to book by the CAB using the same methods used to topple Mafia superstar Alphonse 'Al' Capone - the tax laws.

The marathon trial took place in the non-jury Special Criminal Court which heard how this "good Republican" had never paid any tax.

It was held in this court because of the actions of Murphy, Gerry Adams and the rest of the Republican movement who spent many years trying to subvert this State and turn it to anarchy.

There is good reason for the retention of the non-jury court; to prevent the terrorists and criminals undermining the rule of law by intimidating witnesses and jurors.

After all, this was the same Slab Murphy who, in the words of witnesses at a failed libel action taken by him in the 1990s, literally had the power of deciding who lived and who died as he reigned over his kingdom in Bandit Country.

But the Sinn Féin president has taken squatter's rights on the moral high ground of Irish politics - and doesn't do irony.

Now he has cast a slur on the entire judicial system of this country.

In Adams's view - and therefore this is the view of every other member of the cult called Sinn Féin - Murphy is a hero and should be left alone.

Sinn Féin have been pontificating about corruption and tax avoidance and cut-backs in public services for years.

They don't like millionaires - the filthy rich - who they argue should be given more of the burden.

But this rhetoric does not apply to the multi-millionaire IRA racketeer whose unpaid tax millions could have been used for schools, hospitals, social housing and medical care services.

Just imagine what kind of country we will have this time next year if Sinn Féin make it into Government and Adams is the Tánaiste?

Apart from a two-tiered society where Republican criminals will be given impunity - have no doubt that the shadowy men of the IRA Army Council, men like Murphy, will be secretly pulling the strings of this State.


And that means that An Garda Siochana will no longer be allowed to start meddling in the affairs of the Republican hierarchy.

In any event, the Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan has this year earned the widespread "respect" of the Republican family for so kindly confirming that Sinn Féin had no connection to criminality in a controversial letter of comfort to the party.

The thought that O'Sullivan had no genuine knowledge of the nexus between organised crime as embodied by Thomas 'Slab' Murphy is particularly disturbing, especially when it's viewed against the prospect of Sinn Féin gaining power.

The first thing to go if Sinn Féin get into power will be the Special Criminal Court and with it, more than likely, the Special Branch.

These are the two arms of the State that have kept Sinn Féin and the IRA from overturning our democracy in the darkest days of the past 40 years.

Like an old business debt, Adams and company have always vowed to get their revenge on these entities.

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