Friday 21 October 2016

Our political elite rushes to appease Republican propaganda machine

Paul Williams

Published 25/08/2015 | 02:30

Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams

The shadowy men and their acolytes who have been telling the world they no longer exist must have been pinching themselves over the past 48 hours, after discovering their new friends in official Ireland.

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Government ministers yesterday continued to peddle the delusion that the Provisional IRA no longer exists and that a few wayward, former terrorists-turned-criminals are really responsible for the recent murders in Belfast.

The subliminal message is that the mob who smashed every bone of Paul Quinn's body in Co Monaghan or the twisted thugs who butchered Robert McCartney in a Belfast pub, had nothing to do with Sinn Féin or the Provos, when there is overwhelming evidence that they were.

Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Defence Minister Simon Coveney went to great lengths to dismiss the authoritative remarks by the PSNI Chief Constable that the IRA cowboys have not gone away.

They have also gone out of their way to justify the bizarre letter of comfort issued to Sinn Féin by Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan last February in which she stated that she has "no intelligence" that the IRA is active.

Over the weekend, a former justice minister publicly declared that Noirin O'Sullivan had no business sending any politically-sensitive letter to Sinn Féin or any other party for that matter.

Michael McDowell, who had been at the centre of government negotiations with Gerry Adams et al, stoutly declared that he would not have allowed Ms O'Sullivan to issue such a missive.

It has all proved to be a huge publicity boon for Mr Adams (right), who denies he ever existed at any time as a terrorist commander-in-chief.

This is something the fools who are the voters in the Irish Republic are expected to swallow.

This rush to appease the well-oiled Republican propaganda machine by the State's top garda and senior ministers is an example of the phenomenon of "constructive ambiguity".

This is something that is adopted to turn a blind eye to crime and terror during the peace process - but it has now gone out of control.

The letter of comfort feels a bit like that fluttering piece of paper with Adolph Hitler's signature which British prime minister Neville Chamberlain held aloft as he stepped off the plane from Germany in September 1938.

Every time the people we are expected to trust in this society rush to excuse, protect, and ameliorate without question the chilling spectre of the IRA, they insult all those who have become victims of Provo murder, violence and rape since that organisation claims to have ceased to exist.

One of the many questions that many in the political, policing or journalistic circles in the Republic have failed to address is how come Sinn Féin - including the paragon of truth, Gerry Adams - can be so adamant that the provos no longer exist?

It appears that rather than ask awkward questions, our great and good consider it more politically correct - and sensitive - to tell everyone to move on because there is nothing to see.

This is more preferable than being lambasted by the well-trained and powerful Sinn Féin/IRA propaganda machine, which is designed to shout down and eviscerate any dissenting voices.

Those who bother to open their eyes even a little bit should be very, very worried that our supposedly most experienced police officer, the Garda Commissioner, has given the IRA a clean bill of health when her own experts are saying the contrary.

The future with these people at the helm is already feeling like a very worrying proposition.

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