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Mulcahy: VIP Style Awards weren’t all glitz and glam for Amanda Brunker

Published 27/04/2015 | 22:35

Amanda Brunker tonight on the Red Carpet at the VIP Style Awards 2015 at The Marker Hotel,Dublin
Amanda Brunker tonight on the Red Carpet at the VIP Style Awards 2015 at The Marker Hotel,Dublin

Contrary to what you may think, the VIP Style Awards weren’t all glitz and glam. Spare a thought for poor aul’ Amanda Brunker – she ran into a spot of bother when a seagull defecated on her head as she made her way up the red carpet.

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“It was a massive s**t,” Brunker said. “I thought someone had thrown a bread roll at me.”

Thankfully, VIP editor Michael O’Doherty was on hand to clean Brunker’s hair, and is now planning on hunting down the seagull and interviewing the culprit for the next edition of ‘VIP Magazine’ in an exclusive “s**t and tell” scoop.


We all know Adele King, aka Panto Queen Twink, is a woman who ain’t afraid to speak her mind.

Asked if she would be voting ‘Yes’ in the marriage referendum, she looked a fresh-faced reporter up and down.

“You do know I work in show business, don’t you?” she asked. “Of course, I am voting ‘Yes’ for goodness sake! I’ve spent my whole life working with chorus lines, make-up artists and dancers. As if you needed to ask!”


Not everyone is as open-minded as Twink. Take Susan Anne White, the Independent candidate for West Tyrone who claims to be “biblically correct, not politically correct”.

Ms White has been handing out flyers pledging to jail gay people, abolish feminism, “oppose the global-warming fanatics”, and restore capital punishment if she is elected as an MP in the British general election.

While some may think her views are a tad OTT, Ms White believes all her pledges are reasonable enough. “I don’t consider myself extreme,” she told the ‘Belfast Telegraph’.  “They only seem extreme because society has moved away from God.”


Speaking of provocative views, No campaigners issued a press release chastising Taoiseach Enda Kenny for his refusal to confirm a time and date for a public debate with the ‘No’ campaigners.

“To avoid a debate reeks of a naturally occurring form of fertilizer,” the release opines.

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