Saturday 27 December 2014

Matt McGeehan: Can we believe anything Lance Armstrong says?

Published 18/01/2013 | 10:39

LANCE Armstrong's interview with Oprah Winfrey provoked as many questions as answers.

The answers provoked more questions: can we believe anything Lance Armstrong says?

Other than the confession that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his record run of seven Tour de France victories it felt like Armstrong was holding something back.

Over 13 years and more of denials, Armstrong has proven to be as good at lying as he is at riding a bike.

Even in confessing, as stony-faced and emotionless as he was throughout his period of defiance, he admitted he could not be trusted.

"I'm not the most believable guy in the world right now," said Armstrong, who was wearing a yellow Livestrong bracelet around his right wrist, an item which became synonymous with him and his cancer charity.

Why speak now? Armstrong replied that was a good question, but failed to provide a satisfactory answer.

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