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John Meagher: Intolerant elite on Twitter are blind to their own faults

Published 08/01/2013 | 14:04

I’M a fully-fledged Twitter devotee.

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In truth, I spend way too much time consulting my Twitter feed on my phone and tweeting about everything and anything.

But, of late, I’ve found it very difficult to stomach the postings of those defiantly secular, pro-choice, neo-liberal people of whom I consider myself one.

I’ve become weary of those tweeters who haven’t a shred of respect for anyone with a view that deviates even slightly from their own.

They are so convinced of their beliefs that they aren’t even willing to countenance the merits of an opposing opinion.

They are an intolerant elite who are all too happy to brand those who espouses religious views or pro-choice opinions a troll.

They’re haters, wrapped up in a comfy liberal blanket – and they can’t even see that their absolutionist stance can mirror that of those arch conservatives they have in their sights.

I don’t share many of the views expressed by David Quinn, a columnist with this newspaper and founder of Catholic think-tank, The Iona Institute.

But I don’t feel compelled to describe him on Twitter as a “poisonous c**t” as the television producer and sometime presenter Pat O’Mahony did recently.

That puerile rejoinder is one of the more palatable tweets I’ve seen which have been directed at politicians, lobbyists and newspaper columnists in the past few weeks.

I’ve been stunned by the level of vitriol spouted by those whose Twitter biogs declare themselves to be feminists or secular or “peace-loving”. Can they not see how hypocritical they’re being?

That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate a well-worded put-down or the satirical lampooning that some people do so well on Twitter – and those traditional targets of liberals everywhere are fair game for that.

But there are lines that should not be crossed for the sake of decency. It’s up to each one of us Twitter to exercise an element of self-control.

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