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Jerry's trip from Mick to Murdoch makes sense

He's not rock 'n' roll, writes Sarah Caden, but that's why Jerry Hall's romance with Rupert Murdoch makes sense

Sarah Caden

Published 01/11/2015 | 02:30

There is allegedly a fledging romance with Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch
There is allegedly a fledging romance with Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

In the mid-90s, when Debbie McGee appeared on The Mrs Merton Show, the faux talk-show host played by Caroline Aherne asked her: "So what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?" It was unforgettably funny, mostly because it told the truth of what everyone always thought about Daniels and his lovely assistant/wife. Not the only thing, but part of it.

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No doubt McGee loves Daniels very much, but we all know that short/fat/ugly/boring/old men do well in the love stakes if they have pots of cash. We don't like this fact, and we don't like ourselves for thinking it about certain May-to-December couples, but maybe it's a fact of life.

Much like the fact that the women these men favour don't tend to be the ordinary, homely sorts either, but women whose beauty is in proportion to their wealth.

And so it is with the alleged fledging romance between Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch. We hear that they're together and after we get over the incredulity, because, let's face it, he's no Mick Jagger, we can see that it's not that unlikely.

Each has something the other enjoys in life. Admittedly, at 59 and 84 years of age, respectively, they're more July to December, but it's undoubtedly a classic pairing of beauty and the billionaire.

Both Hall and Murdoch have a lot to offer, they're both single and well experienced in love and loss and they're both very high-profile people, with that high-profiled mutual understanding that discretion is paramount.

Let's face it, nobody's first thought on hearing that they may be a couple was that the sexual chemistry must be powerful.

But as far as enjoying having a partner, having a companion, having a nice, shared life, this relationship makes sense. So long as Murdoch can accept Jerry Hall's very determined position that she can never "un-love" Jagger, with whom she spent 23 years and had four children. Murdoch has history too, though, and plenty of it, so that has to help along with everything else.

Apparently, Murdoch and Hall were introduced by his nieces and his sisters and it has been reported that they are involved.

"It's all very new," a source, reported to be a close family friend, has said. "They are really enjoying each other's company very much. He is very fond of her. There is no question that they are a couple."

They have been together in California for a while, reportedly, and have attended the musical Hamilton in New York, and their first public outing together was tipped to be yesterday's Rugby World Cup final.

It's hardly love's young dream, or a great burning passion, you'd take from all that, but it's nice. And given how they have both been burned, nice sounds, well, nice.

Mick Jagger was never what you'd call nice and the 2013 ending of Murdoch's 14-year marriage to Wendy Deng wasn't entirely pleasant either. All allegations of an affair with Tony Blair were denied, but reporting of notes written by Deng commenting on the former PM's nice "butt" must have hurt Murdoch. Rich men have their pride and Hall's own pride was what extracted her from her marriage to Mick in the end.

Jerry Hall was engaged to Bryan Ferry when she first met Mick Jagger, whom she fell hard for and remained in thrall to for decades. All despite his repeated and often public infidelities and his long-time refusal to make a legal commitment to her.

Through it all, she forgave, she made excuses and she convinced herself that even though he strayed she was the one he stuck with, she was the only woman with whom he had more than one child.

In the end, however, when it was revealed in the late 1990s that he had a new baby with Brazilian model Luciana Morad, enough was enough. Jerry ended her marriage to Jagger, but then Jagger took it all a cruel step further. In the face of an alleged £30m divorce-settlement-demand, he is alleged to have threatened to have their Bali beach wedding annulled. They hammered out a private deal.

Yes, with all that money and with all that infidelity and humiliation of her under the bridge, you'd think Jagger could have been more of a gentleman, but Hall never seemed to hold this against him.

Instead, at least publicly, she speaks of a very warm relationship, says that they speak almost every day, see an awful lot of each other and remain very good friends. No doubt in private, this is more nuanced, but the basic fact is that Mick Jagger remains a big part of her life and when his partner L'Wren Scott died by suicide last year, she was part of the almost all-female phalanx of support.

Hall has had relationships since Jagger - almost all a bit younger than she, none of them penniless - but you have to wonder how much her old relationship overshadows the new ones. What every man who woos Jerry Hall will have to live with is the fact that Mick Jagger is the main man in her life. He's her grand passion, the father of her children, the man who will always have a hold of her.

The truth of it could be that Jerry Hall doesn't need a grand passion because her old one still burns. So what she requires from another man is a pilot light of passion, rather than a huge flame, and the thrice-married Murdoch might be just the man to give this. Or, to be more accurate, maybe that's all he's willing or able to offer. Also, a man of his wealth and power has his pride, but maybe his ego is such that at this hour of his life, Murdoch doesn't require that a woman regards him as the love of her life.

Like Jerry, Murdoch has tried out happily ever after and he knows that it's not all it's cracked up to be.

"Getting married again is a nice idea," Jerry Hall said in an interview this summer. "Actually, I don't think you'd need to get married: it's the company that would be nice."

No, not very rock 'n' roll - but look where that got her.

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