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IRA's omerta means Sinn Féin is unfit to govern our Republic

Paul Williams

Published 27/08/2015 | 02:30

Nobody has ever challenged Gerry Adams for the party leadership in his 32 years as president of Sinn Féin
Nobody has ever challenged Gerry Adams for the party leadership in his 32 years as president of Sinn Féin

The seemingly endless fusillade of diversionary fire in the form of bombast, obfuscation, denials and fudges from Sinn Féin as it tries to wriggle out of the IRA exists/doesn't exist controversy is from the barrel of a finely tuned propaganda weapon designed to silence detractors.

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The Sicilian tradition of omerta is a central tenet of the cult-like religion that is the Republican Movement.

No other - normal - political party could even come near the military-style wall of secrecy that surrounds Sinn Féin's internal workings.

This enforced silence speaks of a regime where the leader protects himself by imposing strict discipline in his flock.

That is the only explanation for the mystifying fact that no one has ever challenged Gerry Adams for the party leadership in his 32 years as president.

In the high-octane world of normal democratic political parties, fuelled by ego, ambition and duplicity, it is unheard of that a leader could go unchallenged at some stage during his tenure.

The adage that all political careers ultimately end in failure does not appear to apply to Sinn Féin.

Evidence of the code of omerta acting as the glue that holds the republican family together can be seen around every crime scene they are involved in.

The not-so-subtle efforts by grass roots individual party faithful to silence Paudie McGahon by verbally abusing him on the streets of his home town is all part of the overall scheme to achieve cowering subservience.

The shadowy Provos, who have been killing each other in Belfast of late, have had their boots on the necks of their own people for almost 50 years.

The unexpected consequence of their arrogant belief in their own untouchability is that they have broken the code of omerta that has allowed the IRA military structure to remain in place since they claimed to have gone away.

The families of the many victims who have suffered murder, rape and violence at their hands since the ceasefire are witnesses to the corrosive effect of this organisation.

Members of Sinn Féin and the IRA cleaned up the scene and removed CCTV tapes to hide their involvement in the murder of Robert McCartney while from the other side of their mouths Sinn Féin representatives called for people to come forward to the police.

The same situation pertains in south Armagh, where the good republicans have been trying to silence the parents of Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death by an IRA mob.

The suspects for his murder are all connected in one way or another to the IRA and Sinn Féin.

Gerry Adam's party has repeatedly called for people to come forward to the authorities with information, but obviously nobody does. That is not the IRA way and as long as republicans continue to maintain their wall of secrecy they are not fit to govern in our Republic.

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