Saturday 3 December 2016

Everyone knows that a mother's place is in the wrong

Two reports last week put country's mothers on the Guilty Step

Published 12/07/2015 | 02:30

Carol Hunt Photo:Tony Gavin
Carol Hunt Photo:Tony Gavin

Asthma. Autism. Crap Christmas presents. Missing socks. Serial killers. Failing grades. Obesity. Cheeky teenagers. Naomi Campbell's temper. Megalomaniacs. What do they all have in common? Come on, it's easy. Yes, you've guessed, you can blame them all on mammy.

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Delinquent child? The mother can't control him. Daughter who suffers from asthma? It's practically proven that the cause is an overbearing mother. And as for autism? That's covered by the false notion of the 'refrigerator mother', so cold and unloving that her child develops severe developmental problems communicating with others.

Seemingly, no matter what the problem, everything is a mother's fault. In my house, I get blamed for so much that I've had a T-shirt printed up with the words "Everything is My Fault" on it (sung to the Lego Movie theme).

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