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Euro sceptics arsey over Kate

Evan Fanning

Published 02/06/2014 | 02:30

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

POOR Kate Middleton. Not only does she live a life where every public appearance is monitored by dozens of camera crews eyeing her intently for the merest glance or facial expression that might be deemed to be newsworthy, but it now seems that these people will then go and publish the photos that they take. The horror of it all.

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Anti-Europe sentiment in Britain is running pretty high as it is, but the decision of German newspaper Bild to publish pictures of what their English counterparts insist on calling "Kate's bare bottom" has pushed it to new extremes.

If ever there was validation for Middle England's Eurosceptic views, then this is it.

First, the French went to town during her topless sunbathing phase, now it's the Germans throwing their towel on the sun-lounger of her Royal Highn-arse.

While I'm sure it is terrible for Kate to know that Bavarian tabloid readers are staring at pictures of her backside while they are chowing down on whatever the German for Cornflakes is, at least it's an accurate portrayal of what actually happened.

Not like the English papers' take on things where they invent feelings or emotions for Kate based on snatched photos where she might be stifling a yawn ("bored"), glancing at her husband ("worried") or looking in a different direction ("tired of the whole Royal circus while warring with various factions within the palace JUST LIKE DIANA").

On the plus side for Kate, at least it takes her sister Pippa's arse off the news agenda for a few days.

Evan Fanning

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