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Stan deserves praise not scorn

Published 01/02/2014 | 02:30

STEVE STAUNTON was one of Ireland's greatest footballers, yet his name seems to evoke reflex denigration in light of his troubled spell as an international manager.

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This isn't simply wrong, it is unforgivable. Staunton played more than a hundred times for his country, including at three World Cup final tournaments, earning broad renown for his leadership of a shaken squad after the infamous Saipan eruption in 2002.

Yet his subsequent time as Ireland manager unravelled quickly, the health issues of his assistant – Bobby Robson – undoubtedly proving a major contributory factor.

Now Staunton's legacy seems framed exclusively by that failure. He isn't a naturally accomplished communicator, as his interview on television reaffirmed this week. Yet, neither is he some kind of national pariah.

In a country awash with scoundrels, it is time surely to decommission the hostility towards 'Stan'.

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