Tuesday 17 January 2017

Time to stop being soft on the gurriers

John Masterson

Published 04/07/2016 | 02:30

Boy George doing community service
Boy George doing community service

Does anyone remember phone boxes? They were all over the place (well, not if you wanted one) in the last century. You put your money in and dialled one of the few people in Ireland who had a phone. If they answered, you pressed button A and your few pence bought you conversation until the pips went three minutes later - and then if you didn't have any more money that was the end of talk.

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If you were a student you got around this by a complex series of taps on the phone cradle which fooled the machine into thinking you were putting in money. Technology was in baby infants then. And if you were a mindless idiot you vandalised the phone. There were a good few morons around, because it was hard to find a working phone.

This problem was so serious that a young Bob Geldof was employed to make TV adverts telling people they were idiots to vandalise a phone, as they might be the very person who needed it to call an ambulance. I don't know if made any difference.

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