Sunday 23 July 2017

Time for joined-up thinking to help councils

N ATIONAL politics is all about spin, about message management, about pushing through big-ticket items that often have little to do with the lives of the country's citizens. For example, on the order of business in the Dail today was the Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill. Important, yes, but it won't get your bins collected.

Local authorities don't have the luxury of spinning, of delaying, or really of thinking at longer time scales. They have to 'do'. Local authorities are the coalface of 'do' in the same way that universities are the coalface of 'think' in our society.

When the local authorities don't do their jobs properly, when they are underfunded and underpowered, when they hide themselves behind legislation and exposure to potential liability as excuses for inaction, then people can get hurt.

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