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Dunphy back in the driving seat

Published 18/08/2013 | 05:00

PENANCE: Following a recent expiration of a 10-year driving ban, Eamon Dunphy is threatening to buy a motor car with the proceeds of his latest book, The Rocky Rock

Insurance companies throughout the land are bracing themselves to take a big hit. The launch of the first volume of Eamon Dunphy's autobiography, The Rocky Rock, in October has sent even the most macho of insurers running for cover.

No, this time it is not just the dread of libel from Eamon's pen that has the wimps of Ireland's financial services industry shaking in their shoes. It is worse.

The timing of Eamon's most controversial book yet has sent captains of the industry into a state of panic. Lloyd's of London is believed to have been called in. The author of the biography of Roy Keane and Unforgettable Fire: the story of U2 will shortly mark another milestone in his life.

Dunphy is threatening to buy a motor car with the proceeds of his latest work. Not an unreasonable ambition for normal mortals. But those with long memories may recall that nearly a decade ago our football hero had a minor altercation with the law over an insurance issue. The beak in the court case relieved Eamon of the burden of driving for 10 years. The motorists of Ireland breathed easier.

Dunphy has recently completed his motoring penance. Any day now he could be back on Ireland's roads. Rumours that residents of his home base in Dublin's Ranelagh have formed vigilante groups to erect citizens' road blocks are exaggerated.

Publishers Penguin is resolute in the face of the dangers but insurance companies are shuddering. Some are suggesting that the author's motor premium could amount to the entire royalty take from the book's sales.

Not to mention the dangers of defamation from a man who is no stranger to the quirks of the Four Courts.

Last week Dunphy refused to say whether the book includes tales of his adventures on the road.

Nevertheless insurance companies could be among those with least to fear.

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