Wednesday 20 September 2017

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Two fingers from a society of babyfathers and child mothers

The liberal elite is being forced to face the fact that there is a lot more to clear up than the streets, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards

I love London -- its architecture, its history, its parks, its energy and its cosmopolitanism. Too big to be a coherent whole, it's made up of villages. People cleave to the bits they know: I've known Londoners who have never ventured more than a couple of miles from home.

Although until recently I've mostly lived on the outskirts, I've always either worked or had friends in central London. These days I live in Covent Garden and love its liveliness.

When last weekend the violence started, human nature dictated that -- while any attacks on our city trouble us (remember the 52 victims of 7/7?) -- Londoners were most concerned about the neighbourhoods and people they knew.

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