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Welcoming Colm Galvin back a double standard by Davy Fitzgerald - Colm Parkinson

Colm Parkinson

Published 24/06/2015 | 02:30

Colm Galvin in action for Clare against Cork
Colm Galvin in action for Clare against Cork

On one hand it's great to see Colm Galvin back playing for Clare this summer. He's a real class act and a player that makes the Banner tick. Jamesie O'Connor has spoken on the show about his telepathic understanding with another legend in the making, Tony Kelly, so there is no doubt Clare will be a stronger force with him home.

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What disappoints me is the shocking double standards shown by manager Davy Fitzgerald. When Nicky O'Connell and Davy O'Halloran left the Clare panel because, in O'Halloran's words, they felt 'humiliated' by punishments handed out to them, Davy responded by saying "we are 100pc certain that we do things by the book and there is a set of rules there and that is the way it is and they were implemented".

The 'set of rules' obviously doesn't apply to his best midfielder leaving the squad to go over playing and living the good life in America.

I've spent five summers in America and it's a great experience, one that I would recommend to any young player. There is more to life than playing GAA and seeing some of the world is a great life experience. But playing over there is only a laugh really. The matches are taken seriously but the preparation isn't.

Teams I played on trained twice a week with a match some weekends which were followed by beers and a bit of craic. Players live together in houses provided by the team and there is plenty to keep them amused.

The session after the game is often followed on into Monday and lads (not all) return to work on Wednesday after spending Tuesday at the beach or Six Flags amusement park or wherever they can find.

I don't know what's Colm routine was when he was off in America, but while he was away, the Clare lads were following the rules and training hard at home. We all know the commitment that is asked of them.

They also lost a tough championship match to Limerick and had to deal with the fallout and disappointment from that.

That's why I was shocked yesterday when Davy, obviously forgetting his set of rules and standards, said "the management and players are delighted to welcome him back into the fold".

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