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Referees need reminder to start minding the steps

Ger Gilroy

Published 05/03/2014 | 02:30

Mattie Donnelly, Tyrone, in action against Sean Hurley, Kildare
Mattie Donnelly, Tyrone, in action against Sean Hurley, Kildare

Thankfully this won't appear as just sour grapes because I had the foresight to tweet about it a week earlier, but what is the story with forwards in hurling and football bearing down on goal and the number of steps permitted?

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I could bore you with a long pained investigation into Kildare's inability to see out Sunday's game against Tyrone, delving deep into the psyche of the side that couldn't just hack down (ironically) a Tyrone forward in those last 20 seconds.

I could mention the scoring opportunities passed up and the sideline ball in the last minute kicked backwards into the surprised hands of a Tyrone forward. Instead I'm pointing out the special secret rule that applies only to forwards chasing a game – take as many steps as you need, the referee won't whistle.

The Kilkenny forwards benefited the previous week against Tipp, and on Sunday it was Tyrone. One is a coincidence, two is an early-season nothing-better-to-talk-about conspiracy.

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