Saturday 21 October 2017

Peerless Irwin shockingly under-rated outside United

Denis Irwin
Denis Irwin

Michael McCarthy

There was a great scene in last night's Keane and Vieira documentary as the two old foes are selecting the best of their team-mates from the classic Manchester United and Arsenal rivalry. A shocked Keane asks Vieira if he would have Ashley Cole over Denis Irwin (above).

A mildly confused Vieira replies: "Yes, every day, I think." Keane, exasperated, doesn't even argue the point. He puts his head in his hands and mutters: "Jesus, Patrick." To Keane, it's self-evident that Irwin was better than Cole. No point in arguing.

To those who knew him best, Irwin was a gem. An essential cog in everything that was right about United's early glory years. Everyone else has just forgotten.

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