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McCarthy must think we're taking the Mick

Joe Molloy

Published 20/11/2013 | 01:00

Mick McCarthy
Mick McCarthy

We had a good night at the Aviva on Friday. A star member of our sales team organised a Newstalk corporate box for us to broadcast from pre-game. Colm Parkinson took to it seamlessly, preparing for kick-off with a drop of red and some salmon.

The football was positive too. The new era began just as we'd hoped. But Sod's Law seems to take a particular liking to radio, particularly when we're broadcasting live away from the studio. Various issues meant we were running late. Fifteen minutes before we went to air, the aforementioned star of our sales team was frantically ringing our producer Mick McCarthy.

He left him a voicemail. "Where the f*** are you Mick? Give me a ring will ya! Jesus!" Producer Mick never got the voicemail.

Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy has yet to respond. We look forward to having him on the show soon.

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