Friday 26 May 2017

Foley's tale tells more about manager than any success

Kevin Foley
Kevin Foley

Diarmuid Lyng

It's a rare thing in football where a player who suffers the ignominy of a public axing on the eve of the biggest tournament of his life goes to ground and accepts his fate, unwilling to drag himself through the mire.

Such was the scenario of Kevin Foley in 2012. But two things stood out in an excellent interview by Irish Independent soccer correspondent and our resident football expert, Daniel McDonnell, in a piece in Monday's paper.

The first is that a man with such a high standing in footballing circles couldn't just give it to him as it was. Trap gave Foley the flimsy excuse of needing Paul McShane due to last-minute injuries to some of his centre-halves. Blisters being one of the 'injuries'.

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