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Events at Tampa prove Glazers won't hesitate to shatter Moyes' dreams

Published 08/01/2014 | 02:30

David Moyes is feeling the heat at Old Trafford
David Moyes is feeling the heat at Old Trafford

Stick or twist? Should the Glazers get rid of David Moyes and abort his United career now or do they believe that stability (and Moyes) will eventually produce results of the kind that Old Trafford has become accustomed to?

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There are increasingly compelling arguments to sack Moyes, but the obvious counter is that he hasn't been given time to shape this squad and team yet.

Whatever the arguments, the most important decision makers will be the family who stand to gain and lose the most from Moyes' tenure. The Glazers have spent the last week basking in the glow of a positive coaching appointment as they presented Lovie Smith to the fans of their American Football franchise the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Smith has demanded and been given full control over the playing staff so the Glazers are clearly happy to trust the football man with the football decisions. This might bode well for Moyes. The Glazers also know what happens when you don't make change in time and this bodes less well for Moyes. Upon their arrival at the franchise in 1995 Malcolm Glazer inherited something of a joke.

Tampa Bay were losers who won an average of just 4.6 games a season over the previous 19 seasons. Investment, good signings, a community outreach programme and the NFL's parity rules allowed the Bucs to progress to the point where they were Super Bowl winners in January, 2003.

The team stagnated for a while after that, resting on their laurels and becoming less relevant.

Last year they promoted Greg Schiano to head coach after a decade impressing at a lesser job and exceeding expectations. He was fired after one bad season.

The local media reported that Bryan Glazer couldn't stop grinning at the press conference and the new recruit made the Bucs "relevant again."

The parallels with Moyes are blatant and the willingness on the part of the Glazer family to act quickly in Tampa Bay suggests they might not have the patience to give Moyes a full summer to shape his team -- especially if it's a team not in the Champions League.


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