Tuesday 27 September 2016

Political buffoonery allied to small-minded gombeenism? Donald Trump and the Irish government and are made for each other

Published 06/06/2016 | 07:04

Donald Trump, inset Enda Kenny
Donald Trump, inset Enda Kenny

Two years ago, Donald Trump's visit to his newly-acquired Doonbeg resort in Co Clare saw one of the most embarrassing episodes of Enda Kenny's leadership of the country. The minister for finance, a mini-Riverdance ensemble and a giant red carpet were rolled out to greet the arrival of The Donald.

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Yes, he had promised to invest in the area and protect a couple of hundred jobs which had been at risk.

However, even then there was a stench about Trump that made such brown-nosing particularly unappetising. These were suspicions that were only to be confirmed.

Within a few days, Trump publicly referred to RTE's Sean O'Rourke as "an a**hole" - simply because Sean had the temerity to suggest that Trump had previously broken promises about investing millions when he bought a similar property in Scotland.


Just a couple of months ago, Trump showed just how important the resort was to him when he contemptuously dismissed it as "small potatoes". The impression was it was something he bought simply because he got it for a steal, and to keep his children busy by letting them look after it from now on.

This week, however, Trump has announce that he will make another visit to Doonbeg, a few weeks before he will officially be installed as the Republic Party candidate for the American Presidency.

Just as it looks like Trump may well become the next US President - and there is actually a need for the country to try and build a working relationship with him - our Government declares him to be "racist and dangerous", and will not be acknowledging his visit at all.

Political buffoonery allied to small-minded gombeenism. If you ask me, the Irish government and Donald Trump are made for each other ...

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