Tuesday 25 October 2016

Michael O'Doherty: The reason why 'devoted father' Gareth Hutch's son was in danger was because of the criminal life his father chose

Published 30/05/2016 | 07:26

General view of Gardai at scene of shooting. Avondale House, North Cumberland Street, Dublin.
General view of Gardai at scene of shooting. Avondale House, North Cumberland Street, Dublin.

Of all the heart-wrenching stories to have emerged about Dublin's criminal fraternity, the recent words of Cllr Nial Ring surely take the biscuit.

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One has become used to the Church espousing the merits of the latest criminal to be gunned down, declaring what a good father or considerate husband he was from the pulpit.

One could argue that priests are simply doing their job of spreading forgiveness.

It's quite another thing, however, when an elected representative starts talking up the life of a well-known criminal.

Which brings us nicely to the words of Dublin city councillor Ring, who felt obliged last week to share with the media a conversation he'd had with Gareth Hutch a day before the latter was murdered as part of an ongoing feud between two notorious criminal gangs.


Hutch asked Cllr Ring whether he could be moved to a different council flat because, as the latter explained, "he was on the first floor where there was access to a balcony from the side which wasn't covered by CCTV. He felt this was putting him in more danger".

More pertinently, according to Ring, the well-known criminal's concern was that his son often stayed with him at Avondale House.

"He did not want anything to happen to him while his son was there," Ring said.

"He was obviously very proud of his little son... He was obviously a very dedicated father and a very devoted father as his concern was for the little guy," he went on.

Touching as it is to read this, one might point out that the reason why this "devoted father" should have any fears about his son's safety in the first place was down to the life he chose. Gareth Hutch's son was in danger because his father was a criminal.

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