Friday 24 February 2017

Mary Kenny: Deaf sentence no more

Poor hearing is a vexation but we've come a long way from the ear trumpet

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny

Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny

In the years before she died, the singer Cilla Black had lamented that she was going deaf, and she found this a great affliction. Perhaps she found deafness tormenting just because she was a singer, and she was particularly sensitive to sound. I am going deaf myself, so I can quite see that it is a vexation: but that's how I regard my increasing deafness - annoying, but not tragic.

Actually, deafness is often more annoying to other people than it is to the deafie herself.

Age-related deafness runs in our family, and I well recall the exasperation I felt when older relations would say "What? Whachyasay?" "Oh for heaven's sake," I'd remonstrate, "Get a flipping deaf aid, would you!"

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