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It's never too late to learn... or enrol in university

Published 24/08/2014 | 02:30

Mary Kenny
Mary Kenny

The mammies and daddies are going shopping in preparation for the start of the new school term early next month, and I'm getting my books together in preparation for my student induction later in September.

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Yes! At my advanced age I have enrolled at a wonderful university to study for an M.A. And been accepted! Don't we live in an enlightened age when oldsters are welcomed into the groves of academe as if they were promising young freshers.

Old age is a time of many regrets - the finest guide to elderly ruefulness is the current poetry of Clive James, "a sad man, sorrier than he can say" - which he publishes freely on the internet. (His poem Sentenced to Life is a moving and memorable expression of that.) And while you are alive, you can still do something about your regrets: express them, redeem or even change direction.

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