Thursday 23 February 2017

You won't see Trump trudging door to door chasing votes

Mandy Johnston

Mandy Johnston

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump
US presidential hopeful Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants to "Make America great again". His campaign slogan for the presidential election next year is full to the brim with the deep-seated chutzpah we have come to associate with the powerful business tycoon and reality TV star.

It is a simple message that confidently presupposes that America was great before, and that Donald Trump is the one to restore it to greatness once again. With more than seven million followers on social media and a sack full of cash, he has dominated the media debate in America to such an extent that other candidates must be wondering if, when it comes to grabbing headlines, anyone can out-trump Trump.

Last June, just prior to announcing his candidacy, Trump released professionally prepared financial disclosure statements to the media, stating a net worth of almost $9bn (€8.2bn, or roughly in line with the entire gross domestic product of the Gambia, folks).

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