Thursday 23 March 2017

This laddie wasn't for turning – even so, Bulldog Dave met his Waterloo

Lise Hand

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

David Cameron swaggered into the packed-to-the-rafters press conference like he was walking on to a yacht. He may have just had sand kicked in his face by the rest of the Eurowimps who ganged up on him (except for his Hungarian pal, Prime Minister Viktor Orban), but he splashed on a liberal amount of Eau de Bulldog Spirit and sallied forth to take his licks.

Moreover he was having none of the notion that his solo run to block the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission has left him humiliated, isolated and, frankly, looking like a bit of a prat.

"I lost the fight, but I absolutely stick to my guns," he declared. "I don't care what you offer me, when there's a cosy consensus, I'm not in."

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