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Simon milks his last days in 'Ag House'

Published 14/06/2014 | 02:30

Simon Coveney at UCD yesterday
Simon Coveney at UCD yesterday

Simon Coveney is getting all nostalgic as he prepares to head out the door of Ag House. The Agriculture Minister has been dropping hints all over the place of his impending departure to departments new.

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At UCD's School of Ag & Food Science this week, the Merchant Prince also recalled how he was told he was mad to leave UCC to go study at Gurteen Agricultural College.

Speaking of alma maters, a certain prestigious school has been the subject of an investigation into a milk quota infringement. The Ag Minister announced last week that a departmental investigation into infringements under the milk quota system had been completed – but it was being referred to the Chief State Solicitor to see if any further action was warranted.

Notably, the minister's official statement didn't mention the name of the milk producer concerned was the farm at Clongowes College – the fee-paying boarding school in Co Kildare that Coveney attended. Not only is Coveney a past pupil, but also several members of the higher-ups in the agriculture sector, known as the 'agristocracy'

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