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Friday 21 October 2016

No country for old men – on lampposts

Published 26/04/2014 | 02:30

THERE'S no doubt that canvassing amid the leafy environs of Dublin 2 can be a most civilised affair. The Greens' Eamon Ryan was out and about on Baggot Street this week with local candidate Claire Byrne, who is running in the Pembroke-South Dock ward (no, not the radio/telly presenter).

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And on his perambulations he stopped for a chat with the head of IBEC, Danny McCoy, followed a short while later by Fine Gael's Euro pick for the capital, junior minister Brian Hayes.

Claire is one of the increasing numbers of women running in the locals this time around – there are more female candidates, up from 17pc in 2009 to 23pc this year. But the percentages still aren't that impressive (particularly from Fianna Fail) and without the threat of a final penalty hanging over the parties, it's doubtful that even the current modest increase would have occurred.

Nonetheless, the lampposts of the land appear to be decorated with a disproportionate number of posters of young women candidates, with the lads barely getting a look-in at all.

"This is no country for representatives of curmudgeonly old men," observed one disconsolate curmudgeon.

Honestly, there's no pleasing some folk . . .

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