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Lise Hand's Diary: All kinds of everything on the list of petitions

Published 28/06/2014 | 02:30

It was suggested that My Lovely Horse from Father Ted should be next year's Eurovision entry
It was suggested that My Lovely Horse from Father Ted should be next year's Eurovision entry

THERE was much hilarity to be had over the news this week that a member of the public bearing the moniker of Finn McCool submitted a request to the Oireachtas Sub-Committee on Public Petitions, asking it to consider nominating the delightful ditty 'My Lovely Horse' from Father Ted as Ireland's Eurovision entry for 2015.

However, not everyone is amused, including some of the committee members. "The standard of petitions is dreadful," groused one. "We had another one this week from a fella wanting to know if prisoners could have sex under supervision. And there was another one demanding there would be a maximum height for a particular type of garden hedge."

The member isn't a bit happy. "This is even below Ballymagash stuff." But still some members got quite involved in the petition requests, and this week saw a major scrap between committee chairman, Sinn Fein's Padraig Mac Lochlainn and Independent Michael Healy-Rae over a petition regarding the Legal Services Bill. "It was a right old shouting-match," he said.

The disgruntled committee person reckons their latest role dealing with such public petitions is the direct result of the Government's political reform programme. "So many town councils have been abolished at this stage, that people are now coming straight to us with requests about potholes and lights and so on. We're now Ireland's newest town council."

So they wouldn't consider the 'My Lovely Horse' petition? "No. Though we would consider re-entering Dana's 'All Kinds of Everything'," he reckoned.

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