Saturday 25 March 2017

Chutzpah Charlie declares himself to be a winner all right

Charlie McCreevy speaking at the inquiry yesterday
Charlie McCreevy speaking at the inquiry yesterday

Lise Hand

'I'm a punter, people know I like a bet," grinned Charlie McCreevy. Indeed, the former finance minister's grá for accountants of the turf kind was always widely known. And yesterday - to continue the horse-racing metaphor - Charlie once again reminded all and sundry how his neck has all the unassailable durability of a jockey's undercarriage.

Over the past few months of the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry, observers have become used to the ritual of a trail of pinstriped penitents prefacing their evidence with expressions of regret.

It's been a veritable symphony of sorrys, as former and current bankers, regulators and sundry government backroom boys chant their apologies for the whole financial farrago which left a nation of taxpayers aghast and holding the multibillion-euro baby.

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