Thursday 27 July 2017

The silence greeting our new moral order is deafening

Kevin Myers

Our own admirable Ian O'Doherty briefly referred to the following story last week: forgive me for revisiting it at somewhat greater length. One night last June, four firemen on their engine were driving through a parkland in Bristol called the Broads, a place where homosexual men gather, though not usually to play chess.

From the engine, the firemen shone their torches into the bushes, and revealed four men having group-sex. The firemen then drove away.

One of the four homosexuals then complained to Bristol fire brigade that he had been the subject of homophobic intrusions by the firemen. Following a three-month investigation, during which the four firemen were suspended, last week two of them were fined £1,000 each, (proceeds, naturally, to a gay charity), one was given a written warning, and one was demoted. All have been transferred to different stations, and all must attend -- ah: no doubt you were wondering when the grisly e-word was going to appear in this wretched affair -- an equality course.

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